The Catenians

Strengthening family life through friendship and faith 

Catenians are Catholic business and professional men who have much to share in their Catholic outlook and in their business and social interests They are bound to one another in friendship and mutual support. 

The Association to which they belong, the Catenian Association, was founded in Manchester over a hundred years ago, taking its name from the Latin word “catena”, meaning “chain”, symbolising the bond that exists between Catenians worldwide. The Association, now widely known as “The Catenians”, has some 10,300 members organised into over 300 local “circles” throughout the UK, with others in Ireland, Malta, Zimbabwe, Australia, Hong Kong and Goa. 

Membership, which is by invitation, carries with it a number of obligations, the most important of which are: to be a practising Catholic; to attend Circle meetings regularly.; to help any fellow member in difficulty and to contribute to Catenian charities. Catenians do not engage in Catholic action in a corporate way but are expected to take a full, and preferably a leading, part in Catholic life (including that of their parishes). 

Catenians value the friendships which develop through their regular meetings in a non-contentious atmosphere – an atmosphere that is also Catholic and non-political. They find great benefit in their Catholic, social and professional lives from getting to know other Catholic men well in a variety of callings and having frequent opportunities to exchange views in an informal way. 

They believe not only that it is valuable to cultivate ties of friendship between congenial people for their own sake, but that these ties can be very helpful in furthering a member's involvement in religious and public affairs. 


All Circles meet monthly and Members are encouraged to attend meetings of other Circles. This fosters friendship outside the area of the home circle and a member is assured of a welcome when visiting another district, or if he has to move house. 

In addition to Circle Meetings there is a programme of religious and social functions. Families participate in the programme, and fostering friendships between families is given high priority. At a time when Christianity is under constant threat in our secular society, the Association - The Catenians - continues to provide an oasis where members meet people who share the values which are an integral part of their lives. The aims of the founding fathers are as relevant today as they ever were.